California Scent®

California Scent Palms

Bordered image of california scent palms

Palms Hang-Outs free hanging automotive air fresheners are ready to travel. Just hang one on your car’s rear view mirror and enjoy the fresh air for miles. Palm tree shapes come in a variety of fragrances with a long lasting formula. Palms are fun to have hanging around.

Available Flavours:
Monterey Laguna Breeze, Monterey Vanilla, Coconut, Coronado Cherry


Product Features:

  • Organic, high quality fragrance oils that mask odours
  • Eco-friendly palm trees with recyclable packaging
  • High fragrance load for longer-lasting freshness
  • 100% Organic



California Scent Oil Wicks

Bordered Picture of Celifornia scent oil wick

California Scents Scented Oil Vent Wicks add a high end look to your car while offering long lasting scent life. Simply attach to your vent and adjust the fragrance with the easy-to-use control side dial.

Available Flavours
New Port New Car, Laguna Breeze, Coronado Cherry


Product Features:

  • Powerful California Scents fragrance in the proven oil wick platform
  • Engraved pal tree detail and vibrantly colored scented oil bring fragrance to life
  • Innovative design provides complete scent control
  • Fragrance lasts up to 30 days



California Scent Vent Clips

Bordered image of california scent vent clips

Utilizing the power of a car’s air vents, the California Scents Vent Clip Air Freshener is an effective way to freshen a car’s interior automatically by simply attaching the air freshener to any car vent. The vent clip contains 90% pure fragrance oil in a solid form and offers the consumer a simple solution to air freshening that is effective for up to 30 days.

Available Flavours
Laguna Breeze, Ice, Coronado Cherry


Product Features:

  • Creates a tropical experience in your car
  • Leak-proof membrane encapsulates liquid in a sleek low-profile design
  • Patent-pending design ensures powerful scent control
  • Fragrance lasts up to 30 days