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Aerosol Fresheners

Pictures of Home Select Fresheners

Shake and spray the room for a fresh clean scent. The Home Select freshener eliminates the toughest odors like smoke, pet, kitchen and bathroom odors.  It is suitable to use every part of the house for fresh smelling scent.

– Delicious scent
– Odor naturalizing
– Suitable for home use
-Great for giving the environment a fresh scent.



Apple & Cinnamon, Lavender & Chamomile, Fresh Linen, Vanilla & Magnolia, Mix Berries, Romantic Garden,
Anti-Tobacco, Jasmine, Spring Rain, Hawain Breeze, Cashmere Sensations, Cherry Blossom



Oven Cleaner

Picture of Home Select Oven Cleaner Bordered

When cleaning your oven should be a breeze but you have a tough job to handle, get Home Select’s Oven Cleaner.
The 12 oz Lemon Aerosol Spray is fume free and fast acting, with a specially designed formula to penetrate and cut grease.


  • Strong Grease Penetrating Formula
  • Fume Free Oven Cleaner.
  • Fast Acting
  • Safe for Self Cleaning Ovens
  • Ideal for Cleaning Ovens, Broilers & Stainless Steel.



Furniture Polish

Picture of Home Select Furniture Polish

The Home Select furniture polish with lemon scent has a capacity of 10oz. It restores natural luster and beauty. The furniture Polish is Ideal for wood surfaces.


  • Capacity: 10oz
  • Restores natural luster and beauty
  • For wood surfaces
  • Lemon scent



Heavy Spray Starch

Picture of Home Select Spray Starch

Who doesn’t want to look sharp for that big opportunity, that important meeting or their first day at school?
Home Select spray starch is here to ensure that, getting that desired clean, wrinkle-free finish is only just a few strokes away with your iron.


  • Makes ironing easier
  • Easily removes wrinkles for a crisp
  • Keep clothes away from wrinkle
  • No harm to skin and clothes
  • Highlights all colors
  • Easy to be absorbed by fabric



Pearl Beads Air Freshener

Home Select Pearl Beads Air Freshener Gel has an exceptional scent that will leave your home and surroundings with a fresh and clean aroma. The fragrances are made with essential oils and are a great way to mask household odors throughout the house, office, car, RV, boat or anywhere you need to freshen the environment.


  • Home Select Pearl Beads Air Freshener Gel – great quality at a great value, eliminates odors and freshens the air with a subtle blend of natural scents that invite you in and leave your home smelling fresh.
  • Each of the Home Select Pearl Beads Air Freshener containers is 10 Oz of product.
  • The products are all Naturally Derived, Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic and formulated with high quality Essential oil based fragrance.
  • The Air Freshener Gel Pearl Beads are safe around pets and children.

Lavender & Chamomile, Anti-Tobacco, Fresh Linen



Scented Candles

Having a great smelling environment will make for a much lighter and great smelling environment.
Our Home Select Scent Candles will do just that and more. Whether you desire a fresh smelling environment or a smooth romantic vibe, there are a variety of scents that will set the mood just right for you. They will remember your house from the smell. Get you a great signature scent today!!


  • Scented candle
  • Lasts up to 25 hours
  • Lead-free wick
  • 3 ounces

Apple Cinnamon, Lavender, Fresh Linen, French Vanilla, Citrio, Vanilla & Apple, Peach, Vanilla Passion, Hawain Bay, Sunshine



Adjustable Airfresheners

Our home select adjustable air fresheners keep your home smelling fresh all day long.
With its Solid Gel and Odor Neutralizing abilities, it is perfect for keep your home smelling sweet.


  • Adjustable
  • Solid Gel
  • Long Lasting
  • Odor Neutralizer

Lavender, Apple/Cinnamon, Hawain Breeze, Fresh Linen, French Vanilla



Multi Purpose Cleaners

Image of Home select cleaners Bordered



Freezer and Storage Bages (Slider Lock Seal) Quart Size

Picture of Home Select Freezer and Sorage Bags - Slider Lock Seal



Freezer and Storage Bages (Zipper Seal) Gallon Size

Picture of Home Select Freezer and Sorage Bags - Zipper Seal



All Purpose Plastic Wrap

Picture of Home Select Plastic Wrap



Snack Tray
















Assorted Cutlery



Food Storage Containers

Home Select - Storage Containers bordered and labelled


Shoe Cleaning Kit

When it comes to making a statement, a well groom shoes can make you stand out. With our instant self shine shoe cream and a specially designed sponge to finish the job with that extra shine, you will always be the center of attention when it comes to foot wear grooming.


  • Instant shoe shine + self shine shoe cream + sponge
  • Color: black
  • Use Home Select houshold products for all your home needs

Available Colours:
Black, Brown