WAIKIKI WILD HIBISCUS DIFFUSER Bahama & Co. brings you the vivid fragrances of the tropics and delivers them with fun, island-inspired, air freshening products. Whether it is the relaxed aroma of a tropical drink or exotic fragrances of tropical flowers … Continued

California Scent Palms Palms Hang-Outs free hanging automotive air fresheners are ready to travel. Just hang one on your car’s rear view mirror and enjoy the fresh air for miles. Palm tree shapes come in a variety of fragrances with … Continued

Lexol Leather Deep Conditioner Proper care of leather requires regular cleaning and conditioning, which in turn makes it look and feel “like new” for many years. Lexol Conditioner’s liquid base allows the product to penetrate the surface into leather pores, … Continued

WAX AS-U-DRY SPRAY (EAGLE ONE) This exclusive carnauba formula reacts with water to quickly penetrate the surface, leaving wax protection without haze, residue or discoloring of trim. Great for use on paint, chrome, plastic and glass.   Features: Easiest way … Continued

Refresh Your Car Scented Oil Wick Refresh Your Car Scented Oil Wicks add a high-end look to your car while offering long lasting scent life. Available in Single and Dual Scent varieties, simply attach one to your vent and adjust … Continued